Considering a Dalmatian?


If you are considering a Dalmatian as a family pet here are a few things to consider;

  • Dalmatians are an active breed and require adequate exercise to keep them fit mentally and physically, they are best suited to a family with an active lifestyle.  If you love the breed but do not have an active lifestyle please consider an older Dalmatian as an addition to your family. Dalmatians love to please and to spend their time with you! An older Dal will have a slightly lower level of physical exercise and will make an excellent companion.


  • Dalmatians shed. Don't let the short hair fool you!  Their coat is easily managed and do well when fed a natural diet - either raw or homemade food. Our Dals are fed raw food and occasionally a cooked diet. We give supplements for coat condition that include natural oils and vitamins.


  • Roughly 10% of the Breed may be subject to deafness - this is a genetic trait relating to the piebald gene - there are several other breeds that are also prone to this genetic trait. Deaf Dals are typically euthanized by responsible breeders. Dals are either Bilaterally hearing or "Uni"-laterally hearing, meaning that they hear out of both ears or only one.  Unilaterally hearing pups make excellent companions and are easily trained.  They do not have a handicap , but may exhibit directional hearing, meaning that they cannot immediately discern the direction of a sound.  I will be BAER testing all the puppies and registering their hearing status with OFA - Orthopedic Foundation for Animals