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Dalalta puppies getting started on agility!

Training Your Dalmatian

Dalmatians excel at Agility, Obedience, Rally Obedience Tracking and Field Work.

Agility is a test of the Dals ability to work as a team, completing a course of specific obstacles in a set timeline. Dalmatians are extremely well adapted for this sport; they are naturally athletic, agile, have the physical stamina to work quickly and are extremely intelligent. Agility is a great outlet for the Dalmatians energy.  Basic obedience skills are key to starting agility training.

We start training agility at about 9-12 weeks, with basic skills and obedience.


Donna  June 2004

photos by Vicki Atkins

Donna at 8 years, NADAC Training Camp - June 2004


Obedience is a great way to solidify the bond between owner and Dal.  Most people want to achieve a level of basic household obedience; sit come stay etc.  The best start is to sign up for a puppy obedience class, this builds confidence for the puppy and solidifies basic life skills ensuring that your Dal is a well behaved member of the family.  Puppy classes are a great to socialize your Dal and for them to gain experience. 

Dalmatians do well at Competitive Obedience and Rally Obedience, they love to work and please their owners, but do occasionally have a bit of a "comedic" streak in them and may be the class clown!  A sense of humour is always advisable! 

Our Dals love to track! It's a great way to get you and your Dal outside and enjoying the fresh air! Training for tracking is fun and easy! if you wish to get started tracking with your Dal, drop us a line and we'd be more than happy to help you get started!


Cameo tracking June 2010

See the links page for local places to train and compete with your Dalmatians!